Cole Bombino is a Love Coach, Healer, and Love Intuitive. She has coached thousands of women around the world, and has been the spark to open up their hearts so they can finally have the love that they desire.

Through her online courses, group programs, private coaching and live events, Cole has transformed her clients’ love lives.

Cole is passionate about her client’s growth and is a well-known speaker and coach. She has an incredible capacity to love and is recognized for her ability to teach women how to tap into their own love.

She is a graduate and Coach of the M. E. School of Flow (Manifesting plus Empathic Intuition), a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Cole specializes in showing women how to create the fundamental foundation of self- love and confidence within themselves in order to manifest the great love of their life and cultivate the type of relationship where they feel adored and cherished. Her philosophy is that when a woman acknowledges her own brilliance, men will see it within her as well.  Once her clients’ have drawn in the type of man they desire, she works to help keep this great love so they can share a lifetime full of connection and happiness together.

To find out how Cole and her team can help you attract the amazing love that you desire, contact her for more information by clicking here.

My Love Story

I know what it is like to have little to no faith in love. There was a time that I doubted whether I was even worthy of a great man, and if it was even possible for me to have the type of relationship that made me feel loved, adored, cherished and accepted. I remember crying through the night, feeling so alone, and desperate for something different. My heart had been broken and I wanted nothing more than to find a man who totally accepted me, who loved me for me, and who chose me every day for the rest of his life.

 My self-worth was shot and the pain I felt absolutely unbearable.

But then I realized that the type of love that I wanted had to start with me. I hadn’t been giving myself the type of love, acceptance, and adoration that I wanted from man. In order for me to match with the type of man who would treat me like a Queen, I had to become that Queen first. I had to take the power back in my love life. I realized that I needed to know my worth, tap into my confidence, and love and accept every part of me in order to be ready for the type of man I desired. And when I did that, I drew in the greatest love I could imagine, and we are still together today, loving and adoring each other every step of the way.

Do you want to learn how to attract great love? It is totally possible and I can show you exactly how through Attract Love Mastery. This School was created for that exact purpose and we start soon! If you are ready for love, let’s talk and see if this training is right for you!

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