Are you a giver?

Well, giving can be exhausting when your tank is on empty and you aren’t getting much in return.

The truth is, you can’t force the people in your life to change BUT you can take your power back as a giver and discover how to receive in order to amplify your energy and open yourself up to the love that YOU deserve!

The cool thing is, you already have everything you need within you to do so. All you have to do is take all those giving skills that you have, and point them straight at you!

You get to start giving to yourself as generously as you give to others!

When you can give to yourself generously, you will be able to give to others without getting depleted and attract the appreciation, adoration, support, and love that you’d really benefit from getting in return.

This means you need to skill up in receiving, starting now!

Here are 10 steps to receiving! Start today!

1. Practice a morning love ritual. Take the first 10 minutes of your day to do something that fills you up with love, joy, and inner peace. Journal, meditate, go for a walk, stretch, read make a gratitude list. Do anything that fills your soul with love.

2. Speak to yourself with kindness! Set a timer for 5 minutes and talk to yourself with love and appreciation. Express your gratitude for everything you have accomplished, list your best qualities, and be your biggest cheerleader like you do for all of your friends.

3. Schedule a Me DATE!!! Write up your dream date that you want a man to take you on and treat yourself. Bring that date to life and give yourself everything you deserve!

4. Make a list of 100 things you like, love and appreciate about yourself!

5. Write yourself a love letter. Cherish, adore and acknowledge yourself deeply and lovingly.

6. Book self-care. That massage you NEVER have time for, that yoga class you have been dying to get to, that manicure you are not willing to spend the money one… go BOOK it right now! If you can’t treat yourself, how can you expect others to do so!

7. Move your body. Do something to connect, love and cherish your body. Notice the words connect, love and cherish. This activity gets to be something that excites you and feels good vs something that feels forced or like a chore. It must be something you love!

8. Take a bubble bath soak. Do the whole shebang! Buy yourself some Epsom salts, a bath bomb, bubbles, and get that hot water going. Turn those lights down and light a candle and take the time to soothe and release your mind and body!

9. Buy yourself a special gift! There is not right or wrong here. It could be as small as a nice pair of earrings you have been dying for or as big as a vacation you have been holding off on until you “have someone to go with”. Get after it, take action, and give to yourself! You can even wrap this gift and open it later.

10. Think of one thing you have wanted SO badly for yourself that you have let one too many excuses stop you from doing it. Maybe it’s signing up for a dance class or maybe it’s going to the movies by yourself. Put it on your calendar today and take one action step towards making it happen now!

You get to give to yourself they way you give to others! Feel free to come up with your own list of 10 ways you are going to give yourself the gift of receiving!

Start saying yes to yourself and make yourself a priority! When you start to open your heart and energy to this way of living, you open yourself up to the abundance in love, generosity, and adoration you have always wanted!

Sending you so much love always,


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