are you giving up?

I am asking you this with a lot of love, but how do you know if you are giving up?

Here are some signs that you are giving up…

You have this incredible desire for something amazing to come into your life-
something like falling in love with a man who adores you or feeling cherished and happy everyday!

But when an opportunity pops into your life to step into that desire, and make it REAL, you have been to scared to jump in, OR you found a very logical reason why you can wait until later.

Here is what I mean.

I just met a woman who was a perfect fit for Attract Love Mastery. She had super common roadblocks and challenges… negative beliefs, feeling unworthy, and just losing faith that she can have better.

Here is the truth- do you know how many woman are struggling with the same exact thing? You think it is just you, like the universe is telling you hold back.

That’s just not true… it’s a super common experience for someone who just hasn’t shifted they way they think and feel yet. You may have tried too, but something is clearly still holding you back…

Let me be really OPEN right now.

You have this desire to have great love- a soul mate, a partner, someone to share your life with – because it is actually MEANT for you. When to path to have that love comes in front of you, you need to find a way to think differently… problem solve and show up committed so you can go after it.

What do you do to break the same old patterns and step into the love that you desire?

1. Get clear on what you really want in love, and WHY that is important to you? (Grab a piece of paper and write it down right now.)
2. From 1-10, how is important is this WHY to you?

Now, if your why is an 8 or more, click here and let me make a difference for you.

Here is the deal, I have been helping people since the beginning of the month come up with new strategies and action steps to manifest the love they desire. I have even offered to help some people do it.

If you have wanted to change your love life for a while now and you know that love is worth fighting for, then book a Free Coaching Call now.

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Wishing you so much love and abundance.

Love and Light