How to Be a Conscious Leader

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You are going to notice in the video above that I have a beautiful guest with me here today that we are going to introduce you to!

Please meet Mellisa Botalli, The Founder of Renaturing. This woman is amazing. If you don’t follow her already, do it now! Mellisa is one of my mentors and friends. Her purpose is to refine consciousness; how cool is that? She has been supporting me in refining my own consciousness which is why I’m introducing her to you. The work we have done together is some of the most profound work of my life. I can’t hold out on you. If I’m up to something causing massive shift in my life then of course I find it my duty to share it with you.

Mellisa is committed to creating conscious leaders on this planet, and she does this through a process called Renaturing.

What Mellisa has seen across the collective are individuals stepping into leadership before they trust themselves and before they love themselves fully. This is a problem, because how can we be effective and powerful leaders without ROCK SOLID self-trust!?

Renaturing as a platform creates self-trust as a foundation so that you can step into true self-love because without self-trust we cannot have REAL self-love.

How many of us have tried to make self-love the first step to creating a better life? I know I have made that mistake before! Now, I am committed to correcting that mistake and all of my focus is on building a powerful and strong foundation of TRUST. I can’t express how liberating and empowering this process has been. My entire view on life is transforming to one of faith and flow.

What is Step One to Being a Conscious Leader?!


Once we have self-trust we can step into Step 2: Self-love and then finally Step 3: TRUE Leadership!

To be the most effective, loving, and powerful leaders that we are meant to be, we must build an unshakable foundation of self-trust. It’s our responsibility.

Are you committed to making a difference?

Do you desire to love the people in your life at a higher level?

Do you want to truly create the results that you are meant to- for yourself and others?

I know I do!

And if you are with me on any of the above, then it is time for us, together, to move to our next level of TRUST.

Because you are a part of my community, and because I’m so committed to taking everyone in my tribe on my journey of growth with me, Mellisa is inviting you to join her VIP CREW for FREE today with me.

Since I’m already committed to going on The Renaturing journey, she is giving you priority access to the program when the doors open. What it means when you join the VIP Crew
is that you will be first to hear when the doors open for Renaturing!

You don’t want to miss this chance because the last time Mellisa opened the doors for a program like this she sold out in just one weekend!

If you want to join me in the FREE VIP CREW—> Click here!

When the doors to Renaturing, we will be the first to hear about! I’m so excited to go on this journey with you!

Remember, always stay committed to your next big breakthrough. The world needs you!

So much love and light,


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