The Top Three Things Every Empath Should Do

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Today, I’ll talk about three things that every empath should do. First of all, you might be wondering what an empath is (yes, I am an empath).

To make it really simple, an empath feels everything. You’re an empath if you can feel the emotions of those around you. Typically, you’re sensitive; you’re connected. Most times when you walk into a bustling, high energy, and busy room, you might get a wave of emotions. It could feel like a mix of stress, anxiety, or worry. It’s because you’re feeling everybody. And in a big room or at a big event, there is very likely every spectrum of emotion and thought being experienced.

An empath is somebody who is superlatively connected. Being an empath is a superpower, and you should recognize it for what it is – a superpower. So, if you feel like you’re an empath kudos to you. You have superhuman powers and you are connected; you can feel people, you are in tune with them, and it becomes a superpower when you learn how to harness the gift you have been given.

I’ll share with you three things that every empath should do, and this is going to take your empathic ness from feeling like something that disempowers you and makes you want to stay at home and hide TO something that makes you feel like a superhuman.

Ready to be superhuman?

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Step One:

Every empath gets to clear their energy every day, ensure that you’re clearing your energy; I do this in my meditation practices. What’s more? The new program that’ll be launching soon is going to support you in this kind of practice so stay tuned.

Another way you can declutter your energy centers is through Epsom salt baths you can also do it through burning sage and/or palo santo. There are so many tools that you can use even outside of yourself to support you in clearing your energy.

Start with an intention; start by taking a few deep breaths in the morning and saying “I clear, heal and release any energy that isn’t mine or doesn’t serve me” – repeat that three times. Now, take three deep breaths, imagine that you are letting go of any energy through the exhale. Awesome!

Step Two:

Every empath must protect their energy; you get to protect your energy on a daily basis. How do I do this? I do this by putting something that I call “energy bands” all around me. I do this for my clients and the people closest to me in my life, and you can do this yourself too.

Putting energy bands around me involves visualizing bands of energy that are wrapping around my entire being and protecting me. I then declare that anything that is negative, that doesn’t serve me, and/or anything that isn’t mine bounces off of these bands, and anything that is loving, supportive, and nourishing to me; I allow them through the bands.

You can also visualize yourself in a bubble, or you can see yourself armored – use a visual of protection that works for you. The bands are the most powerful for me. Nonetheless, intentionally protect your energy; feel yourself protected, supported, and grounded.

You can say a prayer in the lines of “I am protected by the light, I’m one with the light, my energy is protected by the light.” Use these techniques intentionally to protect your energy on a daily basis, particularly in the morning.

I also recommend that you use them throughout the day to keep the protection strong. You can do it quickly by intentionally saying in your mind or out loud, “my energy bands are up,” and if you want to invite your angels, your guides, spirits, source, or God to support you in that – it’s always a bonus – to let yourself be supported in protecting your energy.

Step Three:

This is a bonus, more like an extra ice cream topping. The first two are vital, and the third step is EXTRA! And I love the “extra” in life. This is something that I love to do because I have a deep desire to spread

divine love and healing everywhere I go. I’m committed to expanding my  energy field to support others in feeling love, healing and a high vibration.

In the third step, you amplify your energy. Remember, you’re a superhero, a superhuman – so if you can receive energy from others, you can also send it out. How? Imagine that your energy is expanding from you and trickling into everything that you touch throughout the day.

That way, you can spread your intention or love, peace, harmony, freedom, etc. Choose the energy that you want to amplify and expand from you into others.

It’s a beautiful thing that you can do to spread healing, love, divinity, and peace everywhere you go. You get to utilize your superpowers to spread the light and whatever it is that you want to bring into the world for the benefit of humanity.

For all my empaths I hope you enjoyed this, if you’re not an empath this is still a fantastic practice you can utilize to get you grounded every single day.  Please pass this along to empaths and other friends!

If you have any questions, freely post them below.

Here’s sending you so much love and light always.




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