How to Break Past Limiting Beliefs

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he number one thing stopping you from everything you want is YOU.

Ugh… I know. I honestly hate hearing that.

Before we go any further… stop making yourself wrong for this. This is just how it is. We attract what we are and what we are is created by how we think and feel. So don’t beat yourself up, that isn’t helping! Get excited, and realize that if you are are the only thing stopping you from what you want, then that means you also have the power to be the one to create everything you you do want!

Think about the most important thing that you want in your life. It all starts with your thoughts.  Your thoughts, create your emotions, which influence your actions, that create the habits, that lead you towards your vision. Your thoughts are capable of holding you back from everything you want.

Your limiting beliefs are killing your vision painfully and slowly. Believe me, I know, I’ve been there. Beliefs are at the root of everything we create in this reality.

How do we break past limiting beliefs? First things first, it’s important to know that your thoughts are not real. I want you to write that down – “my thoughts are not real.” Here’s what’s real – what’s real is that you have an ability to think; you have a brain that thinks right? So, what’s real is your ability to think – what’s not real is all of the thoughts racing through your mind telling you that you can’t do or have what you want; they’re NOT true. Your thoughts are not the end all be all truth. You will believe they are, but I promise they are not.

REMEMBER THIS: “My thoughts are not real, what’s real is my ability to think!” I got this from an amazing Transformational Coach and Trainer, Jim Fortin. I highly recommend looking him up.

Here’s what’s cool about having the ability to think; you can redirect your thoughts towards whatever is going to serve you – this will move you towards the vision that you desire.

If you have a thought that pops up – for instance – when I conceive a thought that says “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do this,” or “this is going to be too hard.” I remind myself that my thoughts are not real. Therefore, I don’t need to get attached to that thought. What’s real is my ability to think, so what do I do?

Now, write this one down too; I redirect my thoughts towards what serves me by shifting, by redirecting my thought towards what’s going to propel me to take action towards my vision. What kind of thought will actually serve my vision: “I am good enough,” “I can do it,” “this is going to be easy,” “I’ve got everything within me to be able to create whatever it is that I want to create.”

You are going to believe whatever you think so you may as well start thinking in a way that empowers you. Your thoughts will absolutely create your reality; get attuned to your real nature as a powerful thinker and think thoughts that serve your vision.

What’s the vision that you have and what’s that one thought that is going to support you in creating that vision? Go ahead and put it in the comment below; let me know the thoughts that you’re working with to create the vision that you want to manifest.

You have an innate ability to create your own positive reality through your thoughts – how do we break through and away from beliefs that limit you?

First, remember your thoughts are not real; second, remember that you have the ability to think – that’s what’s real; third, redirect your thoughts towards what’s going to serve you and your vision.

Personally, I am constantly redirecting my thoughts towards a divine love – divine love is my mission, my intention, and my purpose on this planet. When I have a thought that’s not consistent with divine loving thoughts I ask myself- What’s a divine loving thought? That’s the truth I want to create my reality from!

It’s time for you to recognize that everything is possible – that there are infinite possibilities. So, connect and redirect your thoughts towards what fuels the infinite.

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Always, always, always stay committed to that next breakthrough; your next level of freedom is on the other side!


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