The Question That Will Change Your Life for the Better

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What is the question that I use that has helped me change my life for the better?

The question I ask myself every day, in nearly every decision I make is… “What Would Love Do?”

Start asking yourself “What Would Love Do?” When you find yourself in a challenging situation, and you don’t know what decision to make, ask yourself “What Would Love Do?” When you find yourself in a relationship with somebody and you don’t know what to do next, ask yourself “What Would Love Do?”

What is Love

What is love? It’s important to understand what love is to clearly be able to answer what love would love do in a situation. And this doesn’t only work in relationships, this works at work with clients, in your career, and when you’re trying to decide what to do for yourself on a daily basis.
This question is really powerful, and it’s important to understand what love is. Love is a state of being. I’m not necessarily talking about the emotion of love, but love is a powerful state of being that is compassionate, it’s kind, it feels peaceful.

What would love do?

Love is abundant, love is infinite, love is unlimited possibilities; so when you start making the decisions in your life from the consciousness of what love would do, what do you imagine that you could create? What do you imagine that you could feel in your life? What do you imagine that you could move forward into when you’re coming from the state of love in all your decisions, your choices and your actions?

Moving Forward

I invite you this week to play with this question “What Would Love Do?” Then see how it moves you forward. See what you create, see how you feel, notice how you think differently just by asking yourself what love would do.
It’s important that we get this kind of message out there. Imagine if the whole world starts asking “What Would Love Do?” And started making decisions from that point of view, it could be a pretty fantastic world that we all live in.
Thank you so much for listening and reading. Here’s sending so much love and light to you always.
Remember, stay committed to your next breakthrough; because when you break free, you step into new levels of freedom and we need you as the free, authentic, empowered YOU because you are the only one who can offer the gift that is indwelling in you to this world.

Love and light,


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