My personal philosophy is that SELF-LOVE is the secret to creating and mastering a loving, fulfilling relationship. Actually, it is the key to pretty much everything!

A lot of women look to find their confidence and self-worth from being in a relationship, but the reality is that you need to find it inside yourself first. Genuine confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that a woman can have.

It is so fundamental and important to learn how to tap into the love that’s already within you. From there, you become the energy of love and it radiates from you. And once you do that, you can easily draw in more love and attract the man of your dreams.

How do I know? Because doing this is what finally brought me the love I always desired.

When I began to fully love myself – the good, the bad, every side of me – AND started to completely accept myself – that’s when I opened up to love in a much more expansive way and attracted the amazing love of my life, my King, Michael.

I’ve spent the past 12 years discovering the secrets to feeling confident and tapping into my feminine power. I know that the practices I teach will help you accept yourself deeply because I’ve used them to tap into my own power of self-worth, adoration and confidence. Each practice is focused on bringing love into your life so you can see and feel your beauty each and every day, inside and out.

My strategies for love will help you move past that feeling of not being good enough for an amazing man and move you into the joy of drawing in a high quality man and creating a loving relationship.
You are meant for a vibrant and beautiful life. You deserve to have a wonderful relationship where you are cherished and adored like the Queen that you are! And you can have it!

You know you’re in the right place if….

  • You want to be in a loving relationship. You’re single and looking for love, or maybe you’re in a relationship, but it’s not quite fulfilling your soul and meeting your needs…and you want to change that!
  • You need help building inner confidence and self-worth. Negative thoughts and self-criticism are on repeat like a broken record, swirling around in your head.
  • You suspect that the missing link to love is because of something outside of you like where you live, what your interests are, or who you know. Or, maybe you just know that something is stopping you from finding love, but you can’t quite figure out what it is!

The good news is that I can help you.

My coaching programs were designed to teach you how to adore and cherish yourself first, so that you can become a magnet to men and draw in the great love of your life.

Nobody should be expected to do this on their own. I didn’t bring in the love of my dreams on my own, and neither should you!

Everything you learn will show you not only how to draw in your amazing man, but also how to master and maintain a long lasting relationship with your love.


Attract Love Mastery

Here’s what you’ll discover in this one year group coaching program:

Phase 1: Healing and Release
Learn simple tools to heal your Love Blocks. There is something holding you back from great love. You will learn how to identify it, heal it, and release it so you can manifest the love you desire.
 Let go of the bully living inside your head and find the loving, compassionate voice that lives within you
Change how you feel about yourself, so that you can change the relationships that you create and attract

Phase 2: Cultivating Connection and Love Within
Open your heart to receiving love, support and everything that you desire 
Create the confidence and self-trust to make great decisions in your life and in relationships
Become a woman who is filled with love and draws in and magnetizes amazing men to her

Phase 3: On-The-Ground Strategies And Techniques To Draw In The Love You Desire
Discover the tips and techniques to transform the love you have for yourself in order to transform the love that the world gives back to you
Unlock the fundamental keys to creating a life full of LOVE – inside and out
Learn the skills to create a life full of self-love, freedom, and loving relationships
Learn simple and easy dating and relationship strategies that will transform your love life


Once you master these three phases…you can’t NOT draw in an amazing man. You will be fully aligned to the partnership that you desire and it WILL come to you. Your King will show up in your life and you will receive the love you’ve always wanted and hoped for.

What does Attract Love Mastery include?

3 group coaching calls per month with live Q&A to teach you exactly how to manifest and master loving, fulfilling relationships
7 private one-on-one coaching sessions with Cole for personal accountability and individualized support.
Intuitive insights to coach and guide you on what you need in the space of love, and what’s holding you back. I’ll look into you and the men in your life and provide clarity and information on what steps to take next in love.
Guided energy healing yoga practices to help you heal your mind, body, and soul to create the space for love within you
Guided emotional cultivations (meditations) – to encourage the feeling of drawing in and attracting your love  
Monthly “Love Work” – worksheets and handouts designed to help you move deeper into love and create lasting change that sticks
The Inner Love Circle for Sisterhood – a private Facebook group where you’ll bond with other amazing women and get direct access to me to answer your love questions. I’ll also share supplemental trainings and other goodies in the group!

Don’t wait another day to be and attract the love of your life! Click here to talk to Cole or a member of her Coaching Team about Attract Love Mastery.

Open2Love Private Coaching – 12 month VIP program

Want more personal support on your journey to master and manifest love in your life?
In my VIP private coaching program, you’ll receive everything included in Attract Love Mastery, PLUS:

2 private coaching calls per month (24 private calls instead of 5) – each coaching call comes with a personalized mediation and emotional realignment to help you release the negative emotions that are not serving you and shift you into joy, freedom, and love
A personalized love ritual – I’ll create a special ritual just for you, based on the specific blocks you need to clear to bring in your King
Customized emotional cultivations to bring forth the emotional transformations and states of being you need to master to attract more love
Bonus meditations depending on what you need to heal, release or tap into emotionally
Year long access to all of Cole’s virtual events

Spaces in Open2Love are limited, so that I can fully devote the time and energy to personally help you shift into loving yourself, creating an amazing partnership, and transforming your life.

If you’re interested in private coaching in Open2Love, click here.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Before Cole, I spent the last several years in a very painful never ending loop, mentally and emotionally stuck on ex-boyfriends and missed opportunities. Cole helped me shift that focus… I am the central and most important character in my own life, that realization has been life-changing for me!”

Danielle 150– Danielle
(Danielle recently moved in with her current boyfriend!)

“Since working with Cole I have a new found confidence. I know how to tap into the energy of a queen… my vision is coming to pass!”

Kelly 150– Kelly
(Kelly is dating and loving the adoration from men!)

“I am learning to trust myself more daily, allowing me to fully own and claim my power while relaxing through life.”

Carmen 150– Carmen
(Carmen just got engaged!)