What’s Actually Happening When a Negative Emotion Comes Up

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For starters, emotions aren’t truly negative or positive. But for today, I am going to use the work “negative” since it will be easy for you to understand which emotions I’m talking about.

It’s the ones we label as “Bad”- anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, grief, etc.

Our human minds have the desire to label everything, in order to make sense of it, hence, why we call certain emotions which are more uncomfortable- negative.

So, what’s actually happening when a so called “negative” emotion comes up?

Well I can tell you, that what’s happening is actually “good”… so you get to start celebrating all of your emotions, including the negative ones, because what’s actually happening when that emotion comes up is you’re healing.

You’re ascending.

You’re moving beyond that emotion that no longer wants to stay in your body so that you can experience whatever it is that you want to experience.

Your body is wise. Your body knows what you need. And when you experience a negative emotion that is your super smart body doing everything it’s body to expel and energy that no longer resonates within its system.

From now on, start to think of your “negative” emotions as something to celebrate because your body is detoxing itself!

When you start to do a green juice diet, all of a sudden, you may break out, or perhaps your joints hurt, maybe your digestive system is moving a lot quicker…

What’s happening?

You’re cleansing, you’re purging, you’re detoxing.

Same thing happens with emotions. Which means you are actually growing for the better, healing and ascending into new and higher states of consciousness because your body, mind, and spirit, can no longer hold that negative emotion.

It’s coming up and out of you to be released and healed!

You are moving into a higher state of you. This means you get to welcome and embrace the full spectrum of emotions- that means all of them- from sadness and anger to joy, peace, love and pleasure.

I no longer say I’m in breakdown when a negative emotion comes up, I say I’m in a healing.

So let those tears flow, and ascend. Cheers to your love, healing, and acceptance.

Have a beautiful day filled with any and all emotions.

Much love,

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