How To Deepen Your Connection to God Consciousness

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Here’s the truth, in creating a relationship with God, you’re also creating a deep, divine connection to yourself and to infinite love and harmony that is available to you.

There are 4 ways that helped me to deepen my connection with God  over the past decade that that I want to share with you today.


Step 1:


I am not just talking about typical “O GOSH! I NEED YOU, I NEED YOU, I NEED YOU, PLEASE BRING THIS MIRACLE IN MY LIFE”, I am actually talking about manifestation through prayer, topping up into new ways of thinking, and feeling. You get to be aligned in your mind and your emotions in order to create a shift and change in your life. Prayer is a powerful tool, however, I want you to take it to the next level and actually pray in community.

You don’t have to pray all alone. Bring a friend, mentor, or family member into your prayer practice. This is powerful because you get to support and amplify one another.  Your prayer partner is going to see things that you don’t see that you will now get to open your mind heart and spirit up to. They will see your blind spots! Bring community into your experience of prayer and start to feel the energy rise and the presence of peace expand after your prayers. Pray in community, pray with conviction, pray with gratitude. You are not begging. You get to declare and call onto Spirit to join you on your human journey.


Step 2:


You also get to have a private connection with God, Spirit, Source, The Quantum Field, The Infinite. Meditation is a great access point to that. Meditation gives you space to be quiet and to listen to what God is trying to tell you. God wants to guide you. And when you listen closely, you can start to hear the voice that comes from within, giving you the answers to everything you’re wanting to know: your purpose, your mission, who you are meant to marry, what your next step is. The answers you are seeking can be found in that deep quiet connection that meditation creates.


Step 3:


Find a sacred space where you can FEEL God, Spirit, Source, The Quantum Field, The Infinite. I feel God when I am singing, praising, and worshiping. I can feel the universal presence in that space, which has me always coming back to these practices. I have also felt the energy of God in Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Prayer, and in Nature.  It’s the feeling of being surrounded and uplifted by something bigger than you. You get to find YOUR sacred place, where you feel peace, surrender, and connection to divine. Be patient as you seek, this is a very personal journey. You may find this presence in multiple places. Nurture them all, as each one is a gift! One of my mentors talks about how she finds it in stain glass windows. When she looks at a stain glass window, she can feel the presence of that powerful energy that is supporting her and all around her. So be open, you have no idea where your sacred space may be. Seek, and you will find.


Step 4:


Fasting will help you find clarity. If you are looking for an answer, fasting will help to bring it to the surface.

What’s my next step in work?

Do I take this job promotion?

Should I move?

Do I ask this person to marry me?

Do I say yes to this person to marry me?

I know how stressful these questions can be to answer, and you don’t have to answer them alone. God, Spirit, Source, The Quantum Field, and Infinite Intelligence are available to give you a clear knowing.

If you are looking to create clarity and a clear line of communication between you and God, fasting is the powerful tool to support you in deepening that connection. Fasting will teach you to ask for support. In moments when you might normally turn to food as  a distraction, you can ask God to fill you up with love. It teaches you ask for God for help when you are in need. Instead of going to your mind, you learn to go to God for guidance and support. Usually we ask the Ego for our answers, fasting shows you how to go to God.

Fasting also cleanses the body. Different foods that we put into our body make use feel foggy, which creates a block to our clarity. When you cleanse, you create space for new information to come in. I invite you to explore fasting to see what kind of clarity comes in the communication you have with the universe.

If you are still reading this, you are definitely being called to deepen your connection to God. Think of God like a friend and open yourself up to feel the powerful presence of peace, of love, of joy. Which step is calling your name? I’d love to hear your comments and your thoughts below.

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