Four Daily Practices To Deepen Your Intuition

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Hi, I’m Cole Bombino, founder of the Freedom Project and you are in the right place if you’re looking to consciously create a life of freedom.

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So today, we’re going to dive deeper once again into intuition and talk about four daily practices that you can use to deepen your intuition.

Why is it important for you to develop your intuition?

Intuition is the key to trust.


You want to trust yourself.
You want to trust the universe and God and that everything that’s happening for you.
You want to know that you’re making the decisions in life that are leading you into your divine path.


develop your intuition, it will absolutely create personal freedom in your life.

The Four Practices:

1. Yoga: Yoga is important to develop your intuition because it gets you connected.
If you aren’t connected to your body, you’re not gonna be able to be connected to your soul and the deepest well of your intuition. Start practicing daily. It will definitely support you and moving through any energy or any sort of blocks that are keeping your intuition at bay.

2. Meditation: What always comes after yoga?

Meditation…. the deeper your practice gets, the deeper your intuition will expand.
It creates clarity in the mind so you can create and know the difference between thought and intuition.

3. Prayer or Co-Creation: Don’t try and develop your intuition alone. Let universe, your spirit guides, God, Source, Spirit, whatever it is that works for you, support you in developing that intuition. Pray, or consciously co-create, your intuition to develop. Start praying to see clearly. Start praying for the veil over your intuitive eye to lift so that you can see the world clearly, so that you can see information clearly.

Pray for that veil to lift and let God, Universe, Source, Divine spirits, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, whatever it is that works for, support you in developing that intuition.

4. Energetic Work: Why is energetic work important in developing intuition? Because there’s energy that we can carry in the body, in the spirit, and in the energetic field that can actually create a distortion in our intuition.

That’s where distrust comes in. It creates a distortion or a block to our intuition. Energetic work helps us go into the root and pull out what’s blocking us or limiting us from whatever it is that we’re trying to create, and that includes creating and connecting to your intuition.

Your four daily practices to develop and deepen your intuition are, yoga, meditation, prayer or co-creation, and energetic work.

So start practicing now and see how your intuition expands.

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Remember, you are a freedom creator. Freedom is in your hands, and you have the absolute power to consciously create whatever it is you want to create.

You are infinite.

So much love and light always. Peace.


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