do this, and you will be irresistible

Hey Beautiful,

So I have something that will help you draw in the man you want. I also know you want to tap into your Queen Energy.

I promise, you got it, you just have to step into it.

So what you have been struggling with is being totally open. It feels safe to close yourself off, I get it, you are trying to protect yourself from the wrong guy or getting hurt.

When you are closed like that though, you are shutting down an opportunity to connect and you are telling men that you are not interested in something real and deep.

You need intimacy to pull in a King

Men love a confident and open woman.

This tells them that you are approachable and you know your worth.

They can feel this.

So I have something for you to practice this week and I have good news- it is super simple and you can practice it anywhere.

My homework for you this week is to:
1. Practice Eye Contact and practice it with everyone
2. Smile while you make that eye contact

I know, monumental right! Not so much, but you can’t skip the basics if you want to get the higher levels of love and intimacy.

It seems so simple, however it is rare to see anyone these days making eye contact and doing it with a smile.

We are too busy and too wrapped up in “our stuff”. Pay attention this week and you will see what I mean. The thing is, men want this, they want to see that you own your confidence and your beauty.

Eye contact shows you are confident. A smile shows you are open. The two together show you are a Queen and the amazing man you want, wants a Queen.

The trick is, if you practice this with everyone, when the man you want comes, it will be that much easier.

Your man is waiting for you.

He is just waiting for you to show up like the beautiful and feminine Queen that you are.

I opened up the next two days in my calendar to show you exactly what you need to do to Attract your King, click here and I will show you the steps to pull in your man.

If I can do this, you can, you just need to learn exactly how.

The spaces will be limited, so if you are ready for this, and you know who you are, book your 20 minute complimentary Attract Love Call with me now.

My girlfriends and I played with these strategies last weekend.

We pulled the attention of the whole room.

It was a group of Queens all together, and energy like that is irresistible.

We literally had a group of men come up to us and ask us not to leave.

They said the party was over so long as we were leaving.

This isn’t hard, but it does take stepping out of your comfort zone. Practice the simple things this week- eye contact and a smile. See how people respond to you and see how your confidence starts to rise!

A Queen is not afraid to look up, smile, and let her radiance shine through.

You are radiant, now own it like a Queen.

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