Why He or She Won’t Commit

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Have you ever been there?

You are all in and the person on the other side just won’t commit?

Maybe it’s your boss who’s been talking about giving you a raise for the past six months and it just hasn’t happened.

Maybe it’s the person you love… and they just can’t seem to take that next step.

Or perhaps it’s your clients – you’re finding it difficult to get them to step up and say yes to working with you.

Do you want commitment and you just can’t seem to get it?

If so, it’s time to ask yourself a very important question….

Ask yourself,  “Where am I not fully committed?”

I get that this question might be super frustrating to hear. But I need you to really get what I am about to say. Anything that isn’t working for you in your life is just a mirror giving you information about what your next step is to finally get what you want.

So, why isn’t somebody committing to you? Because the lack of commitment is there to show you that there’s a place in your life where you’re actually not all in. You may have to dig deep, but if you are willing to get really honest you will always discover the gap.

Let’s say you’re dating someone. I’m not saying that you’re not all in. I’m not saying you’re not committed to that person. But look at yourself, are you fully committed to yourself in every other area of your life? Or is there a leak somewhere? Maybe in your health, your self-care, or your business?

Why are you dating that person? That person may be unsure about your own commitment. If what you want is a committed relationship, have you checked that you are fully committed to yourself, your dream, and what you want?

Commitment here isn’t just about the person you’re dating, it could be your boss who’s not giving a full commitment to the raise you were promised. Or a client who just won’t pay you that first downpayment to get started. You may be all in one area; but what area of your life are you sloughing off on? It’s desperately trying to get your attention.

There’s something that the universe is calling you to commit to, that you haven’t fully stepped into yet and this situation is just a mirror showing you where your next level is. Now I’m not saying you are not committed. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’m one of the most committed, devoted individuals on the planet and still when something’s not working out, almost always I ask myself, “Where am I not fully committed right now?” Finding the gap will help you answer the question, “Where do I get to focus next, so I can get what I actually desire here?”

I could be doing all my morning rituals and my meditation practices, but there’s another area in my life that is begging to get my attention and my love. So what area of your life is asking for your attention and your love? What area of your life is begging you to commit to it?

Use the comment box below to share what you are going to commit to next! The aim is for you to manifest and source that same level of commitment that you desire in return.

You are worthy– worthy of everything that you desire, you just get to go to the next level to make it happen.

Remember to stay committed to your next big breakthrough and remain devoted to your journey to freedom. Freedom allows you share your entire self with the world; all the gifts that you have, and this world needs 100% of you! Believe me, there is no other human on the planet who can offer all that you have to give.

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