How to Heal from Heartbreak and Loss

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Today I’m gonna share an experience that I had in the past week when I put myself through what I like to call healing. So whenever I have a block, something resistant comes up.

You may call it a nerd, a gremlin, a limiting belief, an energy that isn’t serving you, an old pattern, whatever you wanna call it. Whenever I have something like this come into my field, or into my awareness, I put myself through a healing. And when I do these healing, I do them at the deepest level possible.

So I do these healings at a mental level, an emotional level, a physical level, and a soul spiritual level. Yep, it’s definitely deep. I was getting a massage from a dear friend of mine and I decided I was gonna utilize the support of the massage to even deepen the release that I was looking to create for myself and the awakening that I was looking to step into. So when I started the healing, I asked my guides, I called in my guides, my angels, my team, source to come in and support me in releasing separation and activating a new level of oneness or unity consciousness within myself.

When I went into this, my intention around it was to unify my consciousness with cosmic consciousness. So the separation that I was talking about was anything left within me that feels separate from source, to release and let go of that so that I can move into oneness, unity with Divine, with the Infinite, with who and what we all truly are and who and what we all truly come from.

Last week I put an amazing quote on Instagram about how we are all soul waves on God’s ocean of bliss, meaning God is the ocean and you are the wave. That is the kind of oneness that we have with everything. That is the kind of oneness that I was asking to activate in my healing. So as I went into the healing, what started to come up for me was a conversation with an old friend.

The conversation with the old friend, his words that he mentioned where you’re not together anymore with this person that I used to have in my life, you are not together anymore. And so this experience came up for me of separation. I am not with this person that I used to be with. Now I invite you to look at where this might be relevant in your life.

Maybe you’ve lost somebody, maybe you’ve broken up with somebody. Maybe there’s a friend that you still love dearly, but they’re not in your physical life anymore. And as the healing continued, what I opened up to was realizing that if oneness is true, then we’re really not apart. Although, the physical reality may look like you are apart from this person, or like you don’t have this person in your life.

That’s actually a lie.

Separation is an illusion, not having this person with you is an illusion. It’s not real, this isn’t true. So it’s the lie that creates the pain and the suffering and the grief. It’s the duality, the separation, the belief that just because in this physical moment you’re not with this person, or just because in this physical dimension you don’t see this person anymore. The lie is that you are not one, that you are separated.

So the truth is that we can never be apart. We can never be separated. We are always truly one, we are always connected even if right now this person isn’t standing next to you, this person isn’t wrapped in your arms, this person isn’t in your physical life, it doesn’t mean you’re separate. It doesn’t mean you aren’t together. Oneness means we were never apart, we’ve always been together and we will always be together. We will always be unified. And that’s what’s available to all of us. You have the opportunity, I have the opportunity to release a layer of separation and step into unity, step into oneness, and know that regardless of what it looks like in the physical, we are all one, we are all connected.

We all come from the same source, right? So if God is the ocean and you are the wave, while you may not see the wave of your loved one, while you may not see the wave of that old partner, while you may not see that wave of that friend that you desire to be near to, know that you are always connected. Separation is a lie, it’s an illusion and truth is that you all come from, we all come from the same beautiful ocean of God’s bliss and we are all unified in that ocean.

You may not see the wave, but know that you are always with the wave. The wave of the person that you love, the wave of that person, place, being, or essence, or state really, state of consciousness, state of emotion that you’re looking to be one with, know that it’s always within you, it’s always near you. And the truth is absolutely oneness. I hope this made a difference for you.

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With so much love and light always, peace.





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