How to Lead with Love

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Every single day, I’m surrounded by leaders: business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, teachers, facilitators, etc. One of the important questions we are always working to answer is, “How do we lead with love?” and how do we continue to get better and better at leading with love.

As a leader, the “loving” choice, is not always going to be the most logical or rational. The mind will not always know how to answer, “How do I lead with love in this moment?”

But the heart will always have the answer. To lead from a place of love you must get comfortable with your heart space.

That means it’s time to tap into your emotions and to open yourself up. Yes, to lead with love you must be open and move beyond the restrictions of the mind and tap into the expansion of the heart.

So, how do you do this?

Step One: Listen

Start listening to everyone around you. Practice listening more than you speak. We learn so much more when we are listening. As a leader, you must be willing to learn through listening. Your team members, employees, clients, and loved ones want to be heard.

Step Two: Connect

Take time to truly connect. Ask deep questions. Get to know the person in front of you. Ask them about their dreams and desires and then bring in step one and listen. Care! Stretch yourself to care even more, not only about the money you’re going to generate or the result you’re going to get out of interacting with this person but care about really seeing this person for who they are and what they care about.

Step Three: Guide

Finally, after listening and connecting, then you guide as a leader. First, be sure you are coming from the right place in your leadership- which is the heart. Then you will be guiding from a place of love.

To practice leading from a place of love: listen, connect, and then guide. This will expand your leadership to a new capacity. People will be drawn to you.

Is there more to leading to a place from a love? Absolutely. In The Freedom Project, we teach The Ten commandments of Unconditional Love. You can go deeper and deeper and truly learn how to lead from love. When leaders everywhere truly commit to bringing love into their leadership, they will create abundance, prosperity, and connection all around them.

As you grow comfortable in coming from your heart, experiences of love will surround you.

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Sending you so much love and light always,

With Peace,

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