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  1. Kathleen Pollack

    I have a yoga mat + kettle bells set out so they are ready to go when I wake up to get a good stretch and work out before I start my day. I feel so much better and not rushing and stressed before I even start my day. β˜€οΈ

  2. Juan Garoz

    Great …you’re very special…for me the most important thing is your spiritual connection…take the part of the universe that is for you…and give what you have to …cause the energy is in movement…being positive with humility is the best thing any one can do to have an special an productive day for you and all the people around you…you’re a special human…good for you…great person…

    1. Cole Bombino

      Susan Lopez are you passionate about what you are trying to create discipline. Discipline can’t exist without a strong “why” behind what you are doing. Ask yourself… why do I want to do this? Keep digging until you find a why that lights your heart up! If you aren’t excited about it you won’t stick to it!

  3. Reem Saif

    Cole i had to stop the video in the middle to say how much of a beautiful goddess you are! i feel full of live and energy. am finally getting what youre saying.

  4. Lianne Soller

    I want to get back into a routine. Ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months let my routine go to spend more time cuddling with my man in the morning. But maybe this is my new routine and I get to be thankful for having love in my life ❀️

  5. Jenny Evans

    I just had to tell you, that I was watching this video at home, and felt so thankful for your perspective on creating a morning routine. I am in my 3rd and final year of graduate school, and have been feeling this inner need to establish some personal time to focus on just me! Your ideas on stretching and breathing are definitely something I will start to try this week.
    Your Thursday message spoke right to me, so I wanted to say thank you.
    I’ve truly enjoyed watching your videos and wish you the best as you continue to share your message of love with the world. Sending you lots of <3 <3 <3's.

    1. Cole Bombino

      Thank you SO much for sharing Jenny Evans! I’m so glad to make a difference for you! You get to make time for you no matter how busy you are! You are #1! Sending you love!

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