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  1. Niels Tervoort

    A practice I started using in my last job was to speak out the decision to someone else, then have them say exactly what I just told them and then attaching an emotion to how I feel when they say it back to me. Or I will record it and play it back.

  2. Alex Tepoorten

    I think we can easily forget that our hearts, this blessed place of love, was given to each of us intentionally. Our heart is a gift, and unlike another. When given each morning, we are also given an opportunity to share what our heart can do for us individually and those around us.

  3. Cole Bombino

    For anyone looking for support on a tough decision shoot me an email at cole@colebombino! I’m here to support you this weekend! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œπŸ’«

    1. Cole Bombino

      Taylor Ann awesome! I invite you to listen to me daily haha but seriously πŸ‘‰πŸΌ listen to something of mine everyday!!! You have so much of my stuff! And we get to record that Voxer message of affirmations! Let’s do it for June! Sound good? And how about we bring that yoga practice into high gear?!

  4. Lianne Soller

    The work I did with you, Cole, has really helped me to feel totally confident in my decisions. Once I knew I was worthy and developed that self-trust, I was able to just make a decision that was from the heart <3 No questioning!

    1. Cole Bombino

      What a blessing! So happy our work had a profound impact! Connection to your heart and body transform they way you live life! What a good way to live! Love you girl!

  5. Mo Taylor

    I’m glad I’m finally watching this right now with the new moon πŸŒ™-it’s the perfect time to review thoughts and beliefs and discern what is and is t serving me and to choose what to take forward ❀️

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