Meditation Activation: Ease

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Today, we’re gonna be moving into a meditation activation and the state of consciousness that we’re moving you into is Ease.

Come to a comfortable, seated position.

Sit tall through the spine, relax the shoulders down and back.

Take a deep round of breath and as you exhale, allow the eyes to fall shut. Notice the sounds around you.

Scan your body and notice any tension.

Take a deep breath into that tension and relax.

Bring your awareness in towards your breath.

Breathe deeply.

And as you breathe, allow the sense of ease to wash over you.

Take a deep round of breath and repeat: I allow ease into my life.

Now imagine that you’re lying back in a golden pool of water.

Allow yourself to swim in this golden pool of light.

See and feel the gold all around you and let yourself relax, allowing yourself to be immersed in this light of ease.

Imagine a sun beaming over you pouring warmth into your body.

Allow the sunlight to relax your spirit.

Imagine the light of the sun embracing you fully.

Breathe in the sunlight, breathe out the sunlight.

Breathe in ease, breathe out ease. Breathe in light, breathe out light.

Take a moment to imagine an experience that you desire to be easy.

See it being easy. Let it be easy.

Visualize the ease in your experience.

Take a deep round of breath and notice how you feel when you allow ease into your body, mind, and heart.

Take a deep round of breath again, letting ease flood over your entire being.

And take a moment to set your intention to bring this ease into everything that you do, say, and be.

And as you take this ease into all that you do, say, and be, allow yourself to use a manta of ease. Let it be easy.

Taking another deep breath, bringing movement into your body, slowly coming back into the space.

When you’re ready, open up your eyes, pause and say thank you for all the ease you’re allowing in to your life.


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