Meditation Activation: Freedom

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A meditation activation is a meditation that moves you into a higher state of consciousness.

And today’s state of consciousness is freedom.

Come to a comfortable seated position.

Relax the entire body.

Take three deep breaths as you close your eyes.

To create freedom, you first must let go.

Take a moment to scan the body, from head to toe.

Notice if there’s any tension or resistance anywhere, and as you feel that tension, take three deep breaths as you repeat “ I let go.”

Begin the soften the space around the tension.

Feel the energy move down towards the earth.

Allowing the earth to absorb that tension and recycle it into something positive.

Notice if there’s anything else to let go of.

Take one more deep breath, and allow for a complete release.

Now start to see yourself as the freest version of you.

Look at the radiance emanating from your face.

See your body open.

Feel your spirit expanded.

Imagine your consciousness fully enlightened.

Experience yourself as free.

Take three deep breaths, breathing the freedom into your body, and then exhaling the freedom out to expand from you.

Allow yourself to be immersed in freedom.

Feel light, expansive and open.

Take three deep breaths in this freedom as you repeat, “I am free.”

Know that this is who you truly are.

Absolutely free.

And repeat to yourself, “I am a freedom creator.”

And when you’re ready, open your eyes, and set the intention to create freedom for the rest of your day.

With light,



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