Meditation Activation: Joy

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Today we’re going to do a meditation activation.

A meditation activation is a meditation created to move you into a higher state of consciousness.

The consciousness that we’re going to be moving you into today is joy.

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Come to a comfortable, seated position.

Sit up tall through the spine, and then relax the shoulders down and back.

Take a deep round of breath, and allow the eyes to fall shut.

Begin by taking three deep inhales through the nose, and three open mouth exhales.

Notice the sounds around you. Notice any resistance or tightness in the body, and take another deep breath, and allow the tension to release.

Continue to breathe deeply throughout this entire exercise.

Begin to see a sphere of light in between the eyebrows.

Beautiful sphere of light, representing joy. Allow the joy of the infinite energy around you to be sourced right at the third eye.

Keep your focus and your gaze in between the eyebrows, and repeat in your mind, I am one with infinite joy. Repeat the mantra and breathe, I am one with infinite joy.

And take another deep breath, and let your body fill with joy.

Send joy right into your heart with each and every breath that you take. Knowing as you let the joy in, I am one with infinite joy.

Now allow that sphere of joy to expand all around you, placing you in a bubble of infinite joy. Allow that bubble of light to begin to expand from you.

Let the light fill the entire room. Allow the joy to expand into your city.

See the light move beyond your city, filling the state, your country, and then moving to wrap around the entire world. Seeing that your infinite joy can wrap around the entire world.

Now see the joy expand even further, moving beyond the moon, and the sun, and the stars, expanding to cover the planets, the galaxy, and the entire universe.

See your field of energy, filling the entire universe, and repeat, I am one with infinite joy.

Allow yourself to be in that oneness, let a smile come across your face, seeing how big and expansive your joy is. And then allow that joy to come all the way back, all the way back, all the way back into your body, into its home.

Take a deep round of breath and repeat one more time, I am one with infinite joy.

Allow yourselves to stay in this joy for as long as you’d like.

When you’re ready, bringing movement into your body, take a deep round of breath, open your eyes, and pause in that joy, setting the intention to take the infinite joy with you everywhere you go.


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