The Missing Piece in Almost Every Leader

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Over the last two months I have been digging deep into my my personal and spiritual growth. As someone who is committed to bringing love, healing, and peace into this world, I see it as a duty to discover what it takes to live in possibility and freedom as a human.

Recently, I discovered something called Renaturing, created by my friend and guide, Mellisa Botalli, which has opened my eyes to the foundational steps that we must take to be Conscious Leaders and to love others truly and fully.

The foundation that must exist in every Conscious Leader is Self-Trust and Trust in Spirit. This is a missing piece that Mellisa has come to see in many leaders. There is a lack of true deep trust running through humanity.

How do we trust ourselves and spirit deeper?

Two key beliefs must live within the core of your being to truly trust.

ONE: The answers are all within us


TWO: The Universe is Benevolent

These two beliefs are developed throughout Renaturing to support the individual to coming back to their true nature of self-trust.

The missing piece in almost every leader is self-trust. If you have ever doubted yourself, struggled with a decision or hesitated before going after a “big” and “outrageous” goal you know what I am talking about.

What would it be like to NEVER question yourself again?! Can you imagine? It’s actually possible.

Imagine what kind of impact you could make and results you could create if you had complete in total trust in every thought you had and decision you made.

This is why I am committed to going through the process of Renaturing. My experience of my life is already different, and I’m so grateful that Mellisa is making this kind of growth accessible to everyone.

Since I’m doing Renaturing and you are a part of my tribe she is giving you access to her VIP CREW- which is FREE!

When you join the VIP Crewyou will be first to hear when the doors open for RenaturingThe last time Mellisa opened the doors for a program like this she sold out in just one weekend!

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We can even be accountability buddies through the process! We go further together. Imagine what kind of magic we can create when we choose to grow together.

Remember, always stay committed to your next big breakthrough. The world needs you!

So much love and light,



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