My 25 celebrations for 2016!

Love Coach, Attract Love Mastery, Find Your Soulmate1. I got engaged to the love of my life!!!!

2. Michael. Enough said 🙂

3. I am alive, and I get to enjoy another year of life.

4. I have AMAZING clients who continue to put their whole heart into the work we do together.

5. Yoga: I have been doing the practice for 15 years now and it continues to soothe and heal me.

6. Meditation, mindfulness, breathing, and every practice that has supported me this year.

7. My incredible mentors and teachers. You’re truly showing me the way and holding the space for me to support the world in a bigger way every day.

8. My friends! I love my community. I am so grateful for the abundance of love and support I have. (Crew life- you go above and beyond!)

9. My daily love ritual- I have become my own best friend through this practice. I have really committed to giving time to love and growth every day.

10. My angels and the universe- I know you have my back.

11. Dance- salsa, booty popping’, and every single shake and shimmy that has created the feeling of freedom and bliss!

12. My business doubled this year! I couldn’t have done it without my incredible team- Sarah you are my rock! Lianne, Estela, Tracy, my Coach Shanda, my mastermind sisters and so many more! Thank you for helping grow this incredible community we have!

Love Coach, Attract Love Mastery, Find Your Soulmate13. The STL yoga community. You have become a home for me.

14. Every single individual who has shown up in a yoga class, workshop, webinar, virtual class, etc… you give my life purpose. Thank you for growing your own love, and make the world a better place.

15. I created the most intimate relationship I’ve ever had with money. This is a true gift. Thank you to all of my mentors and friends who have helped me with this.

16. Every day I become more and more present. I am happier, healthier and more abundant with each day.

17. I would like to celebrate my miraculous body. Every day my lungs breath, my heart pumps, and my legs walk without me even haven’t to think about it. This is such a blessing.

18. I saw the mountains this year and made new friends. My heart almost burst with how beautiful it was. It was a simple moment that I allowed to be profound.

19. Every tear I have shed. You remind me that my heart works and that I feel deeply. Wouldn’t want to live in the world any other way.

20. Faith. Faith is a true celebration. So humbled that I had it this year.

21. Every smile, compliment, expression of gratitude I received this year. Thank you to those who gave me their time to give me such a generous gift.

22. I ran a half marathon. I chose to have fun and play during this event. What an exciting experience.

Cole Bombino, Love Coach, Attract Love Mastery, Find Your Soulmate23. I swam in the ocean with wild dolphins. That was so lovely. The ocean would have been enough on it’s own! The dolphin’s were a divine manifestation.

24. Every book I have read and class I have taken that has allowed me to step into a more loving version of myself

25. The Acts of Kindness Day I did with my friends this year- we spread a lot of love that day

Bonus—> Each day that I have practiced loving and accepting myself and others on a deeper level. I celebrate every day I practiced growing, healing, and loving 🙂

Thank you for letting me share my celebrations with you!

Please feel free to share some of yours with me!

Love always,

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