no room for haters when it comes to love

You have really stepped up recently.

You have been taking on so many practices of self-love and self-growth and finally taking the time to get to get to know yourself.

I know why your doing this, it’s the first step to getting everything you want.

Your man, the King that you have been waiting for, needs you to keep doing this work

You have started to accept yourself.

Which is step one to any great love and a greater task than some people ever even consider trying in their lifetime.

So acknowledge yourself for all of the work you have done thus far. You have grown LEAPS and BOUNDS since we first connected.

A lot can happen in a short amount of time when you really commit to yourself

Now it’s time to go deeper. I still see you getting so affected by what others think and say.
Which is like giving up all of that loving power you have spent so much time working to cultivate.

And a GOOD man loves a woman in her loving power, so you can’t let others take that away?

So what do you do when you have done all this work and then some hater comes in and tries to knock you down a peg?!

Well first, you realize that they don’t have ANY power of you!

If you want to let the haters take you down, that is up to YOU

You have to realize that the way that people react around you is based on what is going on with them, it has nothing to do with you.

So that means that no matter what you do or say, they will bring what they have to the table based on what they have going on

Don’t let their S*** (pardon my French!) take anything away from everything you have built up.

You have to DETACH from others say and do because it is their journey.

The point is…

A Queen, which is what you are, doesn’t care what the people say, do, or think.

It would drive a Queen crazy to worry about every single nay-sayer!

A good Queen is compassionate. She understands that the people surrounding her are doing the best they can, with what they got.

And this one of the things that a good man loves about his Queen.

So let go of the haters.

When you start to uncover the beauty within yourself, some people will be blinded and uncomfortable by the bright light you are shining!

Own the light, be the Queen, and let go of the nay-sayers.

No more wasting your energy on anyone who drags you down. Just let YOUR compassion grow even bigger and move on to the people who are growing their love with you.

There is no room for haters when it comes to love.