The Secret to the Art of Receiving


I recently started a 30 day challenge with my Morning Love Ritual (inspired by re-reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod).

Today is Day 10! Victory!!!

Most mornings I have been waking up at 4am, which has been a total lifestyle change.

The funny thing is, even though I’m getting less sleep than I usually do, (and packing in more activity than the norm for me) I have more energy than I’ve had in months!

More energy means a greater capacity to give…

I have even more time and energy for my clients

I am following through on all of my commitments without questioning them

I’m doing more around the house

Double exposure portrait of woman performing yoga asana reflects unity of human and nature

I’ve been able to support Michael at a higher level and really show up for him

I’m spending more time with my friends and community

I feel present, excited, and connected with everyone and everything I am doing!

Which is so cool! It feels amazing to give and feels even better to do it with energy and excitement.

Not only have I been able to give more fully over the past 10 days BUT it’s like a light switch has been turned on in the space of receiving and all of this love and abundance are flowing my way…

My whole community is re-connecting with me- from mentors to friends and family

I am noticing the people in my life really showing up for me- they’re giving me their time, energy, support, kind words, and even fiscal generosity

Multiple new opportunities have been thrown my way in work and yoga

I have manifested over $1000 worth of gifts

I have received offers for free workouts, trainings, and nutrition tips (my health is a big priority for me right now)


My partner is openly sharing his desire to keep moving forward together and growing our love

These are just to name a few!

The secret?!

I have re-committed to the First Step to Receiving which is to Discover how to receive by giving to yourself first!

You have to be able to give to yourself first, if you want to be able to receive from others (and from the universe)!

Think about the last time someone offered your money, gave you a compliment, or went way out of their way to help you.

Did you cringe a little inside? Maybe you felt guilty or just a tiny bit uncomfortable.

That’s because you aren’t all that comfortable being “given to”. It may even feel selfish!

Your comfort zone is giving. It comes more naturally to you.

The good news is your can use your skill in giving, as the first step to grow in receiving.  

You give, and you start by giving to yourself!

morning-ritualFor example, I am giving to myself everyday by committing to my morning love ritual. I take time for yoga, meditation, reading and journaling. These activities fill up my fuel tank. I am nourishing my emotional, physical, mental and energetic health! I am a whole new human after this morning time for me. I have the energy and mindset to create an amazing day. Plus, now I’m open to all of the gifts, love, and generosity the universe wants to give me!

My morning love ritual is building my capacity to receive. 

Think about it, if you can’t even give to yourself, how you are you going to be able to accept it when it comes from someone, or something else?

The truth is, we reject a lot of the giving being sent to us without even realizing it. It can be as simple as the compliment you brush off, the meal you say you can pay for when someone else offers, and the hug you only half-way embrace.

We have become so great at giving, that receiving is like a foreign language!

So how do you become great at a foreign language?…. you practice!

My morning love ritual is giving me the space to practice receiving.

What can you do to practice giving to yourself?

Maybe you will start a love ritual, commit to your yoga practice, or make time to dance every day.

There is no right answer.

But the point is to discover the art of receiving by giving to yourself first!

I invite you to start now. Imagine what else can come into your life when are truly open to take it in!

Love always,


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