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    1. Cole Bombino

      I got you friend. I can already see them in you. Now you get to see them. Creating a deep connection with YOU is where it all begins. Happy to support you on this journey of understanding.

  1. Kevin Ross

    Each and every one of us is Born Worthy. We must come to unlearn the erroneous messages from every commercial industry and guiding institution (including church) that we are not enough. Our worth is inherent and thus, each of us is priceless. Money helps us to measure out in a quantitative way what we are willing to exchange for one hour of our irreplaceable lives. As we look at self worth and money, it is important that we all ask ourselves two questions: How much am I willing to receive and accept? 2. Am I under asking given what I know I am worth?

  2. Emma Fretts

    Now that I know I’m worthy and I believe in myself, I would spend my last penny on creating my vision because I know that my contribution is greater than my financial comfort.

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