What is Consciousness?

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“Let’s amplify the consciousness of humanity!!!!”

Sounds amazing!

Have you heard this and thought to yourself, “Yes, this sounds good!” and then caught yourself actually wondering, “what does consciousness actually mean?”

I’m bringing this up because I caught myself feeling confused about what consciousness was when I first started learning about it.

Let’s bust up some of that confusion and give you clarity.

So, “What is consciousness?…”

In one word, consciousness is AWARENESS.

We have an individual consciousness- your own individual level of awareness, and we have a global consciousness- the awareness of all of humanity combined. There are different levels of consciousness. The lowest level vibrates at shame and the highest level vibrates at enlightenment.

When I say lower or higher levels, it’s important to understand that I don’t mean bad and good. As humans we tend to put things into a bucket of good/bad and right/wrong. What I mean when I say low and high is that they vibrate at different frequencies: one being a lower frequency and the other being higher. Low isn’t bad/good or right/wrong and the same goes for the higher levels.

Examples of Lower Levels of Awareness (Consciousness):

Examples of Higher Levels of Awareness (Consciousness):

Your level of consciousness is going to be your average level of awareness. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience things from each end of the spectrum.

When you are studying consciousness the point is to focus on the growth, healing and transformational work that will allow you to move up the scale of consciousness so that you can be AWARE of love, joy, and peace regardless of what is happening in life.

Simply understanding consciousness on a deeper level actually increases your awareness and puts you on the journey to amplifying your own individual level of consciousness, and as you amplify yourself, you naturally are a part of amplifying the global consciousness (awareness).

You matter. The work you do on yourself will trickle into the lives of everyone around you. Keep studying, seeking, learning and growing! It matters! Together, we can “amplify the consciousness of humanity!”

Post a comment below if you have any questions that are coming up for you.

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