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So I have really been racking my brain as to how I can add more value to you.

You would be amazed at the downloads that come through me every single day, and really it’s my mission to just support you, to pour love into your life, and to help you expand into higher levels of consciousness and create more freedom within yourself, so I was thinking, where is the place where I get the most value?

And the place where I find the most value, is in my meditation.

I decided I’m going to get really vulnerable with you and start to share some of these truth downloads that come through in my meditations. Now before I give you the

truth download of the day I want to share a little bit of a back story of what opened my field my to having this download that came through for me in meditation the other day.

A few days ago I was with a dear friend and she was describing my field, which you can also call energy or aura.

She said my energy asks the sincere question constantly of “what would Jesus do?”  Which if you know me it’s so accurate. I have a true desire to be a source of divine love for humanity. To show up the way love would show up in the world.

I always ask myself the question, “what would love do?”

So if love was a person, what would love choose in this moment?

How would love react, respond, choose to move forward in this situation?

I’m constantly asking myself that question, and how she saw it in my field is this sincere question of “what would Jesus do?”

What Jesus and Mother Teresa represent to me is unconditional love.

They did such an amazing job at loving humanity, loving unconditionally, showing up in a state of love at all times. So this comment about my field, my energy, and how I show up, opened up the possibility for the download that I received a few days later to come through in my meditation.

It was really beautiful to be seen by my friend in this way.

And a little extra note for you, something you can start asking yourself every day is, “what would love do in this moment?”

It’s such a profound question that will completely change your experience of life. It makes decisions very easy.

Back to my download.

So a couple days later, I got into a meditation and that question started popping into my head, “what would Jesus do?”

As the question popped up, my energy expanded and the download I got was, “I am a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.”

“I am a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.”

Now, give me a moment to expand on what this means and the truth that came through in this moment.

This download isn’t only true for me.

When a download comes through in my meditation it’s this knowing that it’s a universal truth for all souls, for all beings that exist.

So me having this download of “I am a unique expression of God’s love for humanity” means that so is Jesus Christ, that’s why Jesus was so epic, because he knew that he was this expression of love, and it was his duty to be fully expressed in love and that what he had to give to humanity at that time, was a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.

Mother Teresa is also a unique expression of God’s love for humanity. Her service, her way of showing up was so unique to her that she impacted millions.

Guess what, you are also a unique expression of God’s love for humanity and the only difference between Jesus and Mother Teresa, and you and myself, is just that they knew it

in their bones, and now we get to know this too.

Every part of my being knows this: We are a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.

Knowing this, that you are a unique expression of God’s love for humanity, you get to start asking yourself, “what would I do?” (at your TRUEST SELF)

At the truest state of you, when you are in full alignment with who you are, what would you do?

Because you are a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.

You are a gift to this planet.

You are a love note from God to humanity.

And only you can express love the way that your soul is meant to be expressed in this lifetime, on this planet, at this time.

You are a love letter.

You are a gift.

Only you can express love, freedom, peace, whatever your soul is meant to express to humanity, and the way you have to express it.

That is what we all are.

We are unique expressions of God’s love for humanity.

We were created to be an expression of God, spirit, universe, source.

So my invitation to you is to integrate this truth into your being.

Write this down: “I am a unique expression of God’s love for humanity.”

And then ask yourself, what would I do when I’m coming from my truest state of who I am?

It’s time you share your love with the world.

You matter so much.

Meditate on this, let this resonate through you to your bones.

Let this be a new truth that you take on as well.

Remember that you matter, you are infinite, and the world needs you.

So much love and light always, peace.


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